#ISO 22000:2005




Quality Policy

The top management of Numan Food Industries and Investment Company is keen to satisfy consumers’ desires to produce a healthy and healthy product from raw materials to finished products by identifying and controlling the microbial, chemical, physical and sensory hazards of the product in accordance with ISO22000 and HACCP And its commitment to the principles of the Palestinian Quality Control System (PS) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and compliance with national laws and specifications

The Company affirms its commitment to:
To continue to apply the rules and principles of ISO 22000 and the requirements of the Palestinian Standard (PS) and to work on the continuous development of these systems and adherence to health regulations and laws and requirements that ensure the control of risks affecting food safety.

Continuous research on the best sources of raw materials and work methods, modern production lines, and advanced infrastructure to keep pace with technological development and access to a healthy and healthy product and the best food specifications that meet the needs of customers.

To search for the best competencies and expertise in order to qualify and employ as many national manpower as possible and strive to develop and train the human cadres in the company, depending on their qualifications in order to achieve the company’s policy and objectives and work to spread the culture of the national product and raise its value.

Providing high quality products, food and health specifications that meet the needs of the local market and seek to spread to international markets and work to spread the culture of food safety requirements for consumers.

The company’s management undertakes to market its products ethically by delivering the goods to all customers and points of sale in the form of patients to the customer in terms of quality and type of product.

To communicate this policy to all employees at the company and at all levels to ensure their commitment and supervision of the application and preservation, and dissemination of this policy to contractors and suppliers.

The company takes strict measures to protect the environment and to provide general hygiene for all the company’s facilities and surrounding environment.

The company shall make a periodic plan for the management of crises and emergencies and evacuation plan in the event of fires, God forbid, periodically with careful follow-up, and take all public safety measures in the company.

The Company shall take the necessary precautions to maintain a healthy and healthy environment and shall not adversely affect the surrounding environment.