#ISO 22000:2005




Social Responsibility

Noman Al-Junaidi assumes social responsibility as a high priority and a high interest. The company believes that this responsibility is the guarantor of its continuous supply and integration with the society. It is based on the service of the Palestinian society as a basis for adopting its development and launching it towards the world. Hashim Al-Junaidi to be a national address for all companies of Al-Jundi Group. Since its establishment, the company has been active in supporting all components of the local community. The forms of this support varied in many ways and activities. The company’s commitment to social responsibility was varied to include but not limited to:
  • Training students and graduates of Palestinian universities in the company’s factory in various disciplines.
  • To sponsor various economic activities in the governorates of the country, including exhibitions organized by official institutions and private sector institutions.
  • Supporting the youth activities in various governorates including the 5th and 6th International Marathon of 2017 and 2018, sponsoring the Ramallah 2018 Marathon on World Health Day organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, sponsoring Al-Bireh Marathon in 2018, sponsoring the National Olympic Week in all schools in Palestine, The sport gathered us.
  • Supporting the activities of university students and business administration colleges at the University of Bethlehem and Hebron and the Palestine Polytechnic, as well as sponsoring many conferences held in universities.
  • Sponsoring the first collective wedding in Palestine for people with special needs.
  • Sponsorship of summer camps organized by the Palestinian Olympic Committee and voluntary camps.
  • Support local institutions such as municipalities, sports clubs and the Ministry of Education institutions in their various activities.
  • The company also provides in its budget an item to support and finance the study of low-income students in universities.