#ISO 22000:2005




Quality Process

Purified VIVIANE Natural Mineral Water: Quality Process

Below are the main steps of the process description of Al-Noman Food Industries and Investment products uses to produce VIVIANE products. Product Name:  Natural Mineral Bottled Water.
  1. Receiving Process:
Water used for drinking should be free of odor, slime producing bacteria, and pathogenic microorganisms, our natural water is carefully collected through a collection basin from natural spring protected from any pollution risks.
  1. Receiving Spring Water:
On a daily basis, receiving process of the collected water inside the company reservoir is inspected, stored and controlled to levels designated safe by high health standards away from any toxic or odorous materials, healthy ventilated and completely closed.
  1. Sand Filtration:
The filtration apparatus is a metal tank designed against rust and corrosion consisting of a multiple layer of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity, to remove suspended solids from water.
  1. Cartridge Filtering:
Cartridge filtration used to treat drinking-water by removing particles and specific types of chemicals and can partly disinfect water by physically removing germs.
  1. Carbon Filtration:
In this stage we use activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption of active charcoal carbon by removing many contaminants including: Residual chlorine, sediments, any unpalatable taste and odor and volatile organic compounds.
  1. Ultraviolet Disinfection:
UV light works by penetrating an organism’s cell walls and disrupting the cell’s genetic makeup, making it impossible to reproduce and rendering it harmless
  1. Micro Cartridge filtration:
These micro size filters have a very high efficiency than ultra-filters and are intended to prevent the passage of microorganisms and similarly sized particles. These filters placed before and after U.V instrument as final filtration on high purity water systems.
  1. Ozone Disinfection:
Ozone is a colorless gas comprising of three oxygen atoms, the gas will readily degrade back to oxygen. Ozone has a great disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.
  1. Quality Control and laboratory testing:
At each stage of production process, inspection procedures are made before releasing products by Quality Assurance Department.
  • The process aims to guarantee the highest safety standards for drinking water and ensure a taste that is in accordance with consumer preference.